Thursday, June 13, 2013

1. Live in England

Ok, so.. I like to read, like A LOT. When I was 7, a cold day of may, my grandpa died. One of the things he left us, his granchildren (we're 11 cousins) were his beloved 129 books. I had never have a real novel in my hands, I was a child after all. Looking at all those books pilled in little hills, I was blowed away but I didn't know which one to chose, I had never actually read a real book, other than the typical children stories. Than, a book catched my atention, it had a big wardrobe on the cover, with 4 kids around it. And, between all the letter I couldn't read (I had myopia and had no idea), I could see the word "Narnia".

And that's kind of how it started. My love for England. The same year I discovered, no by choise but a big coincidence, J.K. Rowling and The Beatles. And little by little, I was falling more in love with the country where all this magic seemed to come from.

Have you ever dreamed about something for so much time, with so much strength, that you were afraid to actually live it? That's kind of what it happens to me. My whole life, one of my biggest dreams has been knowing England, but I don't want just to go there in some holiday. I'm afraid I would be to blown away by the known places, the tourist, the lights. I'm applying to go studying abroad there next year. I want to be there, get to know its people, get to know its not-so-well-known places. I want to drink coffee in some shop, while it's raining outside. I want to live everything there. So I can live up my dream or end up disappointed.

But at least, I'll have my answer. I'll have one more experience in my life.

I don't even dream of a big city. But I live in Chile's north. It never rains. I once went to Brazil and I could swear the sky was different somehow. I want to see how's there...

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

And it's on...

People say the special thing about human beings it's that we can think. But there is always this moment when you get bored of thinking and you start dreaming.
And it's so different, because in that moment you just let go all logic and and every thought is plagued by the words "I wish..", "I will..", "I'll be...", "someday...", without a care about reality.

We always make plans in our heads, we always dream about what we would to do if we had time. But we never have time, there're always more important things in the way, and we blame all those things like they are in the way of our dreams.
But I think that not all of our dreams are impossible. Some of them (and sometimes, most of them) are really do-able, but we keep them out of reach. Why? You'll have your reasons. But I don't.

I bought this little book where I have been writting everything I want to do. From the biggest, most secret wish to my silly little dreams and everytime I finally do something, I scracht it. You have no idea how... happy you can feel, how content.
So I decided to share not just my experiences, but my dreams with you, whoever you are. Because everybody needs a little push.
I'll share my "Before I die" list here, one by one. And feel free to share yours here too, not dream is silly here.

P.S.: I'll ask you just one favor. English isn't my usual language, but I need to learn it and fast. So if I make some mistake, please tell me and I'll make sure not to make them again. Thank you.